Marine Declève

PhD candidate (UCL-LOCI)


Marine is an urbanist and art historian. She practiced as an exhibitions manager. Her interests in urban practices, historical dynamics, local development strategies, cartography and graphic design drove her to follow an urbanism master program in order to endeavour understanding the role of design and visual representations in a changing society.

Research abstract

Marine conducts a research on the territories of Brussels economic activities, which investigates through historical analysis and prospective design the potential to reconcile habitat and economic activity – living and working – at the heart of the metropolis. It aims to question the concepts of functional and social mixité and to survey the uses and practices of space by those who actually make the built and unbuilt environment but are mostly relegated to the margins of Brussels territory. This research seizes the redevelopment of the Canal as an opportunity to reverse this trend and articulate the tension between productive, residential and collaborative economies.

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