Barbara Le Fort

PhD candidate (UCL-LOCI)


From research assistant (urban density and urban fabric typology [2012-2014], new sustainable districts benchmark [2014-2015]) to PhD Student and Professor assistant at the “Strategical Planning” studio (UCL specialized master Urban Design and Territorial Development), Barbara focuses her researches on urban intensity in residential developments through typo-morphological analysis and research-by-design process.

Research abstract

The research considers “existing urban fabric as metropolis manufacturing resource” to face the Brussels metropolitan demographic challenge and the growing demand for new housing and amenities and for quality of the living environment. GIS and typo-morphological analysis tools will be used to describe and map the different types of Brussels urban fabrics into a dynamic atlas. The research-by-design process will afterwards explore potentials for existing urban fabrics transformations towards suitable and adaptative new types of housing. Spatial assessment, emerging issues and results will offer support for the Living Lab implementation with relevant skateholders and inhabitants.


Tel.: +32 (0)472 48 19 13

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