Corentin Sanchez Trenado

PhD candidate (ULB - IGEAT)


After having completed a master's degree in geography at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Corentin Sanchez Trenado started a PhD at the Institute for Environmental Management and Land-use Planning (IGEAT), in 2017. His interests and research questions focus on urban and social transformations of city centres, and in particular on gentrification and urban renewal processes.

Research abstract

The place of the food processing industry and food markets in dense urban areas has long been neglected by urban studies. After being considered for a long time as mere relics of a bygone past, these activities, strategically located in central urban areas, are now arousing new interest from urban planners who see it as an opportunity to develop new projects of housing and mixed activities. Therefore, the aim of this research will be to challenge the assumed decline of these activities and to explore the multiple economic and social functions that they fulfilled in the past and still serve today as well as their role in the production and the structuration of the urban spaces. This study will also be an opportunity to analyze the impacts that current projects of redevelopment would have on this specific functioning and the ways in which they could alter it.

In order to answer these questions, this analysis will be based on a comparative and historical approach. More precisely, the focus will be put on the case-study of the slaughterhouse and food market of Cureghem, in Brussels.

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