Andrea Bortolotti

PhD candidate (ULB-LoUIsE)


Andrea Bortolotti is an architect and currently PhD candidate at the Faculty of Architecture La Cambre-Horta in Brussels (ULB) in "Art de batir et Urbanisme". His main interests are related to the spatial questions within environmental planning and the relationship between urban design and ecology.

Research abstract

The whole of the ERDF projects 2014-2020 for Brussels aim to enhance the urban metabolism, understood as a way to improve the quality and organization of the urban material flows. How then concretely design the future of Brussels and re-think its material cycle? This research aims to contribute to the debate for a more circular resource management in BCR, focusing on the urban biowaste flow. The main hypothesis is that, facing new waste paradigms and policies, new design strategies are required in order to translate principles into possible realities. In this frame, hybrid (centralized-decentralized) systems are gaining interest in the search for more resilient urban futures.

Topics:  Urban Inclusion, Urban Ecology


Tel:+32 (0)489 72 21 65

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