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About Cities in the metabolic loop

The regard for urban metabolism is in vogue again. The concept seems to respond to the current eagerness of urban policies – and, since recently, the market – to make our economies more circular. For cities, the imperative is to keep pace and “closing the loop of product lifecycles through greater recycling and re-use”, and in so doing, bringing “benefits for both the environment and the economy” (Circular Economy Strategy, EU 2014).

Enhancing the “functioning of the urban metabolism of the region” (Brussels Capital Region 2014) is the orientation for the about 50 projects of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Brussels programme 2014-2020. The ERDF Brussels policy is perfectly matching the three priorities of the European Strategy Europe 2020 of ¨smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth. The enhancement of urban metabolism is expected to have the economic, environmental, and social impacts coveted by the European Strategy Europe 2020

The seminar is meant to be an occasion for discussion among institutions, academics, designers, and artists dealing with the issue of urban metabolism. The purpose is to cross-referencing different perspectives and feed the Brussels debate on the topic.

Cities in the metabolic loop | and design gathers representatives and researchers working for institutions differently committed to implement policies, strategies, regulations and projects related to the sphere of urban metabolism and the circular economy.

9. Cities in the metabolic loop | and design (04/06/2018)

"Urban metabolism & Territorial economy"

from 9h to 13h at Metrolab Studio: 48, Quai du Commerce - 1000 Bruxelles

The session, co-organised with the ULB’s Chair for Circular Economy and Urban Metabolism, will focus on the link between urban metabolism and territorial economy, and in particular on urban practices, policies and projects that link the economy to a given territory. The presentations (in English) will draw on research covering different contexts: Rotterdam, London, Paris, Marghera, and Brussels. Presentations (30 minutes) will be followed by a discussion with the audience (20 minutes).

This session is framed within the “What works in Brussels? Projets économiques et territoires” study day organised in three moments:

  1. Metrolab Seminar: Urban metabolism & territorial economy | Chaire + Metrolab Metrolab Studio
  2. Dialogue interprojet : Projets de développement économiques pour Bruxelles | Chaire + CIVA KANAL / CI.II.III.IV.A
  3. You Are Here, un programme bruxellois d’expos, de débats urbains et de sessions de travail dans le cadre de l’IABR–2018+2020–THE MISSING LINK | Chaire + VUB/IABR + AWB WTC / Tower 1, Blv. Roi Albert II – 1210 BXL, 23e étage

To know more about the study day you can check out the programme



1. Cities in the metabolic loop | and design (19/10/2016) Speakers: Geoffrey Grulois (ULB / La Cambre-Horta) Bruno Notteboom (Universiteit Antwerpen) Julie Marin (KU Leuven) Andrea Bortolotti (ULB / La Cambre-Horta) Saverio Massaro (Università di Roma)

2. Cities in the metabolic loop | and design (8/02/2017) Speakers: Michiel Dehaene (Universiteit Gent) Thorsten Schuetze (Sungkyunkwan University) Marco Ranzato (ULB / La Cambre-Horta) Greet De Block (Universiteit Antwerpen)

3. Cities in the metabolic loop | and design (17/03/2017) Speakers: Sybrand Tjallingii (TU Delft) Pierre Vanderstraeten (UCL) Stephan Kampelmann (ULB / La Cambre-Horta) Koenraad Danneels (Universiteit Antwerpen)

4. Cities in the metabolic loop | and design (20/04/2017) Speakers: Roeland Dudal (Architecture Workroom Brussels) Thierry Kandjee (Taktyk)  Sotiria Kornaropoulou (51N4E) Nadia Casabella (1010)

5. Cities in the metabolic loop | and design (23/05/2017) Speaker: Nikos Katsikis (University of Luxembourg - Harvard GSD)

6. Cities in the metabolic loop | and design (26/06/2017) Speakers: Vincent Calay (IWEPS) Catherine Fierens (IBGE) Marion Courtois (ACR+) Andrea Bortolotti (ULB)

7. Cities in the metabolic loop | and design (05/09/2017) Speakers: Maarten Loopmans (KU Leuven) Ana Povoas (PhD at EPFL) Sarah Vanhee Anna Rispoli

8. Cities in the metabolic loop | and design (20/02/2018) "Across material and human flows: the cases of the Abattoirs and Médecins du Monde in Cureghem"

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