What is hospitality? Metrolab welcomed Joan Stavo-Debauge

Seminar led by Joan Stavo-Debauge


Urban Inclusion is the core of the first two years of Metrolab's work, the Masterclass that will take place in January 2017 on the same subject. Because of the multiple aspects of the concept and the diversity of problematics it may be linked, a certain angle was chosen: urban hospitality. In order to clarify the concept and the challenges that are inerant to it, Joan Stavo Debauge, who wrote his PhD and several papers about this topic was invited to the seminar. He gave a speech on urban hospitality and its prolongation for inclusion considered as the relation between people and environnements. Hospitality then appears as a quality susceptible to be applied to multiple scales, mechanims and territories.

This event took place on the 18th of May 2016 at Metrolab.

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