Metrolab organized the mapping workshop "Urban Inclusion. A cartographic approach"

A mapping workshop with FEDER project stakeholders on the inclusive/social aspect and the spatial scope of their actions.


How do the ERDF' projects try to respond to the urban inclusion issues? And by this perspective, how they are included in the Brussels territory? These are the main questions Metrolab had for its first cycle of experimentation on interdisciplinary work about urban inclusion. Thanks to the participation of 10 different ERDF' projects as well as some policy and administrative realities, the session was a moment for reflecting and exploring about urban inclusion challenges through three keypoints: description of the site with a focus on the scale; institutional relations with public authorities; how the projects dealt with the inclusion concept. The meeting took place at the new Metrolab Studio in Yser. Check the program and participants hereunder.

Inclusion Urbaine_4mai_programme.pdf

With : Vaartkapoen, Art2Work, Zinneke / Masui4ever, Droh!me, IMAL, City-Labs, SAWB / COOPCITY, Ville de Bruxelles, Communes Forest & Molenbeek, SPRB : BBP, DRU, Bruxelles Environnement

This event took place on the 4th of May 2016 at Metrolab.

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