Baptiste Veroone on scientific mission at the University of Tampere (Finland)

From 24th May to mid-July 2017


Our PhD candidate of sociology, Baptiste Véroone, who works on bridging participation, democracy, and food, is about to start a scientific mission at the University of Tampere in Finland in the framework of his Metrolab research.

More precisely, the political sociologist Eeva Luhtakallio and her research group Citizens in the Making will host him for eight weeks by the end of May. Their researches focus on how young people become citizens, thanks to which learnings and experiences, and in which arenas and contexts. As a result, they developed an accurate understanding on these processes as well as on innovative investigation methods, combining ethnography and quantitative analysis.

Considering that citizenship and engagement are at stake in the process of the Brussel’s food system transition, the beginning of this new collaboration between Metrolab and Citizens in the Making group will bring better consideration and more accurate scientific tools to frame and question social and democratic sides of Baptiste’s Metrolab research. We have no doubt that this exchange will provide many inputs to Baptiste’s thesis and in Metrolab work on the Urban Ecology.

Have a nice stay Baptiste !

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