Evening Lecture "Urban research what for?"

[by invitation only]


« Urban research: what for » represent the launch conference of the Metrolab.brussels project. During this event Metrolab.brussels shared with the participants the interrogations MLB have about:

  • the ultimate aims urban research should pursue,
  • and thus also, about the reasons for doing urban research, for getting involved in a Master tuition or a PhD research in this field. Such an interrogation was fundamental in the development and the formulation of the metrolab.brussels project.

While staying focused on this question of the aims and reasons of urban research, this event was also a first occasion for us to present publicly our project by Mathieu Berger and Benoît Moritz.

We wanted this first event to be mostly dialogical, so we invited two distinguished colleagues, both prominent for their work in the field of urban studies:

  • Professor Patrick Le Galès, Dean of the Urban School at Science-Po Paris.
  • Professor Miodrag Mitrasinovic, from Parsons School of Design in NYC. After a discussion took place. It has been opened by Professor Bernard Declève and Geoffrey Grulois, both actively involved in the coordination of metrolab.brussels.


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