Circularity - On scales and agency – territorialising circularity

Designing Brussels Ecosystems - Metrolab Brussels MasterClass II


Steering the transition towards a circular economy (CE) is one of the pillars of the EU’s regional development strategy. The concept is appealing for its promises of boosting new economic cycles in times of crisis while tackling major environmental issues (such as resource depletion, pollution, etc.). Drawn from the European strategy, the concept of circular economy — together with that of sustainable urban metabolism, intended as a model of material economy with reduced negative externalities — has gained traction in Brussels among business and policy-makers, being translated into objectives in regional plans and programmes. Addressing the issue of ‘circularity’ within the framework of the Metrolab MasterClass and in collaboration with the ULB Chair on Circular Economy is thus a way to reflect on the urgent question about how to territorialise discourses and strategies on circular economy and sustainable urban metabolism in the context of Brussels’ regional development and policy.

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