ABY - Abbaye de Forest

A ERDF-funded project of rehabilitation of the Abbaye de Forest site as a cultural center.


The collaboration with Abbaye de Forest started at a early stage of both projects and has focused on two main sub-projects:

  • ABY has been studied during the first Metrolab masterclass " Designing Urban Inclusion in January 2017.
  • Metrolab has created a group of researchers working closely on ABY project. The main goal of the collaboration has been to produce scientific research that could contribute to a better understanding of the project and to open up discussion with the stakeholders. The main outcome of this collaboration is a series of ethnographic cartography workshops with unhabitants, users of public cultural institutions or local associations. The work was presented during an exhibition in May 2018.

To know more about the work with Abbaye de Forest - ABY, read the article and news hereunder:

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