Maguelone Vignes organized a Workshop with City-Labs

How to frame a medical biology laboratory to deliver a global and integrated healthcare service at local scale ?


The workshop responded to the City-Labs project's demand to bring Metrolab’s expertise on working out with participative tools where the project should set up its first pilote proximity biology laboratory, called « City-Lab ». The specific objective of the workshop was to collectively identify the relevant features for choosing the localization and identifying the conditions of success of a City-Lab-kind of service, in accordance with the project objectives. About 15 participants from diverse professions and healthcare services, along with patients representatives, brought their expertise and knowledge to work out these questions. The workshop resulted in the identification of a series of criteria and requirements to be considered in choosing the settlement area for the first pilote City-Lab. It also resulted in the building of two main settlement scenarios in several Brussels areas. This event took place on the 10th of May 2016 at Metrolab. To know more watch this video

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