Sarah Van Hollebeke

PhD candidate (UCL-CriDIS)


PhD student in sociology (Grant Fresh-FNRS) at the UCLouvain (CriDIS) and Grenoble National School of Architecture (Cresson Laboratory), she analyses the representations of urban divisions and urban ambiances by cognitive instruments of governance such as statistics and maps. She is also a member of the reading committee of Urbanités journal.

Research abstract

In her PhD dissertation entitled “A city of tensions. Rethinking the observation of urban divisions”, she intends to implement an ecological approach to conceptualize the plurality of divisions and tensions and the evolution of coexistence patterns crossing the Brussels metropolitan area. She wants to show the strengths and weaknesses of the existing tools that government uses to observe and represent the coexistence of several human groups in brussels urban spaces. She combines a genealogical approach of dominant geostatistical tools in urban renewal policies with a multi-sited ethnography of urban areas whose internal tensions and discontinuities escapes these classical tools of knowledge.


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